Generation intervals in heterogeneous populations

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New Law School/--101 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--101

University of Sydney

Oral Presentation Minisymposium: Population heterogeneity and disease spread, Mathematical Epidemiology subgroup Population heterogeneity and disease spread (Mathematical Epidemiology subgroup)


Dr Jonathan Dushoff (McMaster University)


Generation intervals are an important and often-neglected component of the disease-transmission process. Mathematical models often assume exponentially distributed latent and infectious periods, but the interval between when a focal individual was infected and when they infect others (and the distribution of such intervals) can play a crucial role in parameterizing models and in making inferences and forecasts.

I will outline some issues involved in estimating generation intervals in populations with both spatial and individual-level heterogeneity, and discuss how these effect disease forecasts and estimates of disease parameters.

Primary authors

Dr Jonathan Dushoff (McMaster University) Mr Sang-Woo Park (McMaster University)

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