SMB Education Subgroup Business Meeting Lunch and Panel on Assessment of Interdisciplinary Thinking

12 Jul 2018, 12:30
New Law School/--Foyer (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--Foyer

University of Sydney



Carrie Diaz Eaton (Bates College, USA) Robert Mayes (Georgia Southern University)


Carrie Diaz Eaton, Moderator and Education Subgroup Chair, Bates College, USA
As higher education moves towards evidence-based curriculum reform, assessing interdisciplinary thinking becomes a challenge for those in multidisciplinary frontiers. We will discuss how to best support SMB Education subgroup members. We will also introduce some resources for assessing interdisciplinary thinking in your courses.

Robert Mayes, Georgia Southern University, USA
The QM BUGS assessment measures students' proficiency in quantitative modelling (QM - ability to develop a model). The assessment is intended to be given in undergraduate biology courses where quantitative skills are preparing students or actively engaging students in quantitative modelling within biological contexts. Assessment consists of 30 questions: 19 multiple choice questions (5 options) addressing quantitative modelling understanding and 11 Lickert questions (1 NA, 2 Strong Disagree to 5 Strongly Agree) addressing student confidence about modelling in biology.

Lou Gross, University of Tennessee, USA
The underlying goal of this project is to develop and evaluate an interdisciplinary instrument--a Biology Calculus Concept Inventory (BCCI)--which will allow assessment of calculus concept learning goals in the context of concrete, real-world life science data examples and models.

Primary authors

Carrie Diaz Eaton (Bates College, USA) Robert Mayes (Georgia Southern University) Lou Gross (University of Tennessee, USA)

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