Dynamical models of tuberculosis transmission and optimal treatment strategies in the Republic of Korea and Philippines

12 Jul 2018, 11:50
New Law School/--107 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--107

University of Sydney

Oral Presentation Disease - infectious Epidemiology, vaccine & intervention strategies


Eunok Jung (Konkuk University)


In this talk, we will present several mathematical models of tuberculosis (TB) based on the reported data in the Republic of Korea and Philippines, and also propose the optimal treatment strategies depending on the various scenarios in each country. Korea has ranked the highest TB incidence among members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). TB is the sixth leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the Philippines. The least-square curve fitting have been used for best fitting the parameters in our models to the observed data. To determine the optimal intervention strategy which is reducing the number of exposed and infectious individuals and the cost of control measures, optimal control theory was used [1]. Important issues has been addressed from our research: implementing the smoking controls, not with TB controls, can derive significant reduction of the incidence of TB transmission [3]. We suggested the rearrangement of the Korean government TB budget based on optimal treatment strategies from modelling [2]. Finally, in the Philippines enhancing active finding control is a significant control factor to curtail the spread of TB [4].

[1] Sunhwa Choi, Eunok Jung, Sungim Whang, A dynamic model for tuberculosis transmission and optimal treatment strategies in South Korea, JTB 279 (2011) 120-131
[2] Sunhwa Choi, Eunok Jung, Optimal Tuberculosis Prevention and Control Strategy from a Mathematical Model Based on Real Data, BMB (2014) 76:1566-1589
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[4] Soyoung Kim, Aurelio A. de los Reyes V, Eunok Jung, Mathematical Model and Intervention Strategies for Mitigating Tuberculosis in the Philippines, JTB 443 (2017) 100-112

Primary authors

Eunok Jung (Konkuk University) Soyoung Kim (Konkuk University) Dr Aurelio , Aurelio A. de los Reyes V (University of the Philippines Diliman) Dr Sunhwa Choi (National Cancer Centre)

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