Role of household size and community structure on the spread of tuberculosis

12 Jul 2018, 12:10
New Law School/--107 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--107

University of Sydney

Oral Presentation Disease - infectious Epidemiology, vaccine & intervention strategies


Julien Arino (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada))


Some northern communities in Canada see inordinately high tuberculosis incidence compared to the rest of the country. Most of the affected locations are isolated First Nations communities and while this means that the usual argument of tuberculosis as an indicator disease of poverty is applicable, it does not explain the specifics of the situation. To try to understand the role of the various factors at play, we focus on two specific aspects: household size and community structure. We investigate this using a simple discrete-time model for households, which we study analytically and with numerical simulations.
This is joint work with Ryan Sherbo.

Primary author

Julien Arino (University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba (Canada))

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