Mathematical modelling of tissue growth in a spatially-varying permeability tissue engineering scaffold

9 Jul 2018, 18:00
Holme Building/--The Refectory (University of Sydney)

Holme Building/--The Refectory

University of Sydney

Board: 504
Poster Presentation Other Mathematical Biology Poster Session


Dr Daniel Fong (United States Merchant Marine Academy)


Tissue engineering is a rapidly growing field, attracting a huge concentration of research effort. An important subfield of tissue engineering focuses on the use of bioreactors, devices that attempt to simulate a physiological environment in order to promote the growth of functional cell or tissue in vivo. In this talk we present a mathematical model to simulate both nutrient transport and cell proliferation within a spatially-varying permeability scaffold inside a perfusion bioreactor, and compare results from this model with experimental results from the literature.

Primary author

Dr Daniel Fong (United States Merchant Marine Academy)


Prof. Linda Cummings (New Jersey Institute of Technology) Dr Jeff Pohlmeyer (New Jersey Institute of Technology)

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