Predicting ecosystem responses to species eradications and reintroductions: an uncertain future?

9 Jul 2018, 18:00
Holme Building/--The Refectory (University of Sydney)

Holme Building/--The Refectory

University of Sydney

Board: 306
Poster Presentation Ecology Poster Session


Dr Matthew Adams (The University of Queensland)


Species eradications and reintroductions are drastic management actions that alter ecosystem structure with the end goal of conserving or restoring one or more species of interest. Because of the complexity of ecosystem food webs, these actions can have unintended consequences on other parts of the ecosystem. Even with the best available data, predicting future trajectories of the ecosystem with high precision is not always possible. In this talk, I demonstrate the situations where ordinary differential equation (ODE) models of the ecosystem food web, calibrated to species abundance data, can or cannot be used to accurately predict future responses of the ecosystem to species eradications and/or reintroductions.

Primary authors

Dr Matthew Adams (The University of Queensland) Dr Chris Baker (The University of Queensland) Dr Michaela Plein (The University of Queensland) Dr Matt Holden (The University of Queensland) Prof. Scott Sisson (University of New South Wales) Dr Kate Helmstedt (Queensland University of Technology) Dr Eve McDonald-Madden (The University of Queensland)

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