How mathematics can be used in nature conservation

11 Jul 2018, 13:30
-/--Eastern Avenue Auditorium (University of Sydney)

-/--Eastern Avenue Auditorium

University of Sydney

Oral Presentation Ecology Plenary


Hugh Possingham (The Nature Conservancy)


There are now over 50 conservation science journals and the field is booming. The world’s top journals, Science and Nature, routinely cover conservation science issues, but the field has been dominated by ecologists. Solving conservation problems is as much about maths and economics, as it is about ecology. Our group at the University of Queensland, and our national ARC Centre of Excellence or Environmental Decisions (CEED) has been using models and tools from operations research to formulate and solve pressing conservation problems. In this talk I will provide an array of examples of how operations research and ecological modelling has delivered outcomes for nature conservation – from locating places for national parks to saving threatened species.

Primary author

Hugh Possingham (The Nature Conservancy)

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