Rational steady state parametrizations for biochemical reaction systems

11 Jul 2018, 16:00
New Law School/--101 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--101

University of Sydney

Oral Presentation Minisymposium: Positive Equilibria of Reaction Network Models Positive equilibria of reaction network models


Dr Matthew Johnston (San Jose State University)


Classical results give structural conditions under which the steady state set of a (bio)chemical reaction system has a monomial parametrization. This property has been studied extensively in the context of characterizing a mechanism's capacity for mono- and multi-stationarity. In this talk, we generalize the existing structural framework and derive sufficient conditions for guaranteeing that the steady states have a rational parametrization. Applications include the EnvZ-OmpR osmoregularity pathway and the Shuttled WNT signalling pathway.

Primary authors

Dr Matthew Johnston (San Jose State University) Dr Stefan Muller (RICAM) Dr Pantea Casian (West Virginia University)

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