Interdisciplinary approaches in developmental biology

9 Jul 2018, 10:30
New Law School/--024 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--024

University of Sydney



Interdisciplinary approaches in developmental biology: Part A

  • Ruth Baker (University of Oxford)
  • Alexander Fletcher ()

Interdisciplinary approaches in developmental biology: Part B

  • Alexander Fletcher ()
  • Ruth Baker (University of Oxford)


The development of an embryo, from a single cell to the breathtaking range of organisms found in nature, is a fascinating process. Moreover, the study of embryonic development promises to shed light on a wide range of developmental defects, inform strategies for the treatment of disease, and provide guidance for tissue regeneration and engineering. Developmental biology has witnessed a renaissance in recent years, due largely to the advent of significant new imaging techniques and molecular biology technologies. To exploit the volumes of multiplex quantitative data that are now being collected, we need to design quantitative hypotheses through mathematical models, and use these models to make quantitative predictions that can be tested and validated experimentally.
The aim of this Developmental Biology Subgroup activity is to bring together researchers in the field who will showcase exemplar interdisciplinary, quantitative studies in developmental biology. This will raise the profile of quantitative approaches to development within the SMB, encourage new members to join the Subgroup and work in the area, and provide a platform for new interactions between SMB members working in the area.

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