Modelling feedback-mediated flow dynamics

11 Jul 2018, 10:30
New Law School/--102 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--102

University of Sydney



Modelling feedback-mediated flow dynamics

  • Brendan Fry (Metropolitan State University of Denver)
  • Hwayeon Ryu (University of Hartford)


Various feedback mechanisms allow different organ systems to maintain homeostasis, and to properly adjust flows in response to changing conditions. This occurs not just with blood flow, but also many other fluids in the body, including the tubular fluid of the kidney nephron. Complex interactions among different mechanisms make solely experimental approaches to studying feedback insufficient; as such, mathematical modelling approaches are a necessary supplement, allowing researchers to simulate processes that cannot be individually modulated in a lab.
This minisymposium will bring together researchers using mathematical modelling to address problems involving feedback-mediated flow dynamics in various tissues, including the kidney, eye, and brain. The goal will be to expose the different modelling techniques used to describe feedback-mediated flow in these different circumstances, and determine if there are techniques being used in one area that could be used for others. Such overlapping modelling strategies will promote collaboration, and help advance research into the mechanisms underlying feedback-mediated flow dynamics in a variety of tissues.

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