Mathematical strategies to overcome resistance to anticancer drugs

11 Jul 2018, 10:30
New Law School/--104 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--104

University of Sydney



Mathematical strategies to overcome resistance to anticancer drugs

  • Nara Yoon (Cleveland Clinic)
  • Heyrim Cho (University of Maryland)


The emergence of drug resistance is a challenge to successful cancer treatments that consists of a series of multifactorial and complex processes. Drug resistance is caused by various factors including pre-existing heterogeneity in tumour cell populations regarding stromal environment and functionalities with a selection process that determines the surviving population. Beyond the selection of resistant cells, cells can also be altered towards a resistant state during the treatment, so-called drug-induced resistance, either by genetic mutations or phenotypic plasticity that yields epigenetic modifications.
The complexity of the mechanisms underlying drug resistance has encouraged its study through mathematical modelling that to describe and understand resistance dynamics. In this session, we will discuss various modelling studies including deterministic/stochastic models, and share the ideas and derived conclusions, for instance, optimizing drug protocol in different aspects, to control the resistant population and delay the potential relapse.

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