Modelling memory in physiological regulation

10 Jul 2018, 10:30
New Law School/--102 (University of Sydney)

New Law School/--102

University of Sydney



Modelling memory in physiological regulation

  • Jacques Bélair (Université de Montréal)
  • Jane Heffernan (York University)


A goal of all health researchers is to determine effective control strategies that can be provided to patients that will help them recover, or (when recovery is unachievable) manage their health conditions. Mathematical and statistical models are employed within these contexts so that the effects of current control strategies can be quantified, and so that optimal control strategies can be identified (given model assumptions and uncertainties). Recent developments of disease modelling have seen mathematical models being developed to address vaccination, drug therapy use, public health campaigns, and even online applications used to journal chronic condition experiences. This minisymposium aims to showcase recent modelling research of CDM and CRM collaborators on a wide variety of topics on disease control that are of theoretical merit and are significant to patient outcomes. The topics include HIV transmission and progression, haematological dysregulation, and immune system components in liver function. These topics will be of interest to mathematical modellers and health researchers alike. The minisymposium provides the participants and audience an opportunity to discuss emerging research topics and new areas for research collaboration in the fields of disease modelling and health. An underlying theme among all presentations is how non-instantaneous effects are incorporated in modelling equations.
The speakers will begin with a general overview of their field of study, introducing the biology pertinent to the question, and the mathematical tools that will be used. All talks will detail the mathematical models, results, and interpretation to healthcare and medical outcomes.
Topics covered will be regulation and control of platelet production, aspects of the immune system in liver regulation, lifespans of red blood cells and modelling memory CD4 T-cell populations in HIV patients.

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