Excursion 1: Coogee to Bondi Coastal Walk

We will catch the bus 370 to Coogee Beach, and then walk about 6.5km along the coastal walk to Bondi Beach. We will encounter several small beaches on the way. After arriving at Bondi Beach, there is the option to sunbathe, swim, and/or have a bite and drink at a local café. Feel free to explore Bondi on your own or in small groups. The buses 333 and 380 will bring you from Bondi Beach to Bondi Junction. The bus 400 will bring you from Bondi Junction to UNSW (Anzac Parade).

What to bring:
Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, water bottle. Appropriate shoes: expect a rocky terrain with some stairs, boardwalks and small sections of paved paths. If you might choose to swim or sunbathe then bring suitable clothes and a towel.

Travel Cost:
We travel by bus and for this you need an Opal Card (or a contactless credit or debit card). The trip from UNSW to Coogee should cost AUD 2.24 and the trip from Bondi to UNSW should cost AUD 3.73.

Indicative timetable:
12.45pm Walk to the bus stop at UNSW Gate 14, Barker Street.
1.14pm Take bus 370 to Coogee Beach.
1.30pm We start from the north end of Coogee Beach and walk through Dunningham Reserve.
1.45pm After a short, steep ascent, fill your water bottle at the top of Dunningham Reserve before descending to Gordon's bay.
1.55pm Gordon's bay is a very small, secluded beach and is popular for diving and snorkelling.
2.20pm Clovelly Beach is located at the end of a narrow bay and is also popular for snorkelling.
2.45pm We walk along a new boardwalk along Waverley Cemetery.
3.00pm After a set of stairs, we refill our water bottles before descending towards Bronte. We keep to the pedestrian pathway, while descending along the public road.
3.10pm Bronte is a large beach, popular for surfing, swimming, and families.
3.30pm Tamarama is a small beach with great surf between two headlands. It is sometimes nicknamed Glamarama, owing to the type of people who frequent the beach. We then walk the last section along some beautiful sandstone cliffs, and will be able to see aboriginal engravings just south of Mackenzies Point.
4pm Arrive at Bondi Beach, one of the world's most iconic beaches.

More material:

  • More information about the coastal walk is available here.